The Pilot Logbook: A Legacy Preserved

A Pilot’s logbook means many things to an aviator. It’s a way of keeping track of time, ratings and certificates achieved, and documenting your career and passion from your very first flight. It is quite literally a document that sums up a person’s entire experience in aviation.

It is an object that aviators hold near and dear to their hearts and most keep it locked up in a safe at home alongside birth certificates and family keepsakes. A pilot’s logbook is a reminder of the hard work and dedication that they have put into one of life’s greatest passions. It is a memory log and a time machine for many people that remember taking their son or daughter on their first flight or taking their first solo. These are memories that are cemented into the mind of every aviator and never forgotten.

For many aviators logging flight time in their logbook is a ritualistic activity that has been a tradition since the Wright Brothers themselves. A small entry in a logbook is often the humble summary of a life altering experience that simply can’t be expressed in words.

For pilots, our logbooks are a record of our life’s passion, hard work and dedication, challenges overcome, and dreams realized. It is a small window into a lifelong career or hobby that has no parallel. Our logbooks are filled with cherished memories that we can revisit throughout our lifetime simply by opening a book and flipping a page. For a great many pilots our logbook is something we proudly display with pride and will leave to our children as one of our most prized possessions. Our logbook tells our story … and preserves our Legacy.