The Best Logbook on the Market

There are only a few choices for pilot logbooks on the shelves these days and all of them are the same. Outdated and impractical layouts, cheap covers and bindings that fall apart, and made from cheep materials in factories overseas. True North decided to bring quality and craftsmanship back to an industry that forgot what the pilot’s logbook represents and what it should be.

True North has created a logbook that an aviator can be proud of. This is a logbook that is built to last a lifetime. These logbooks mean something to us because we know they mean everything to you.

True North Pilot Logbooks are hand made by professional American bookbinders that have been in the business since 1929. The paper comes from responsibly sourced trees in the American Pacific northwest and printed with American ink by a small family owned print shop at the foot of the Rocky Mountains.

The covers and other materials are meticulously sourced in order to get the very best quality available. Our leather hides are hand picked and chosen specifically for their beauty to create just 10 very special books per hide. No two logbooks are alike because they don’t come from a cookie-cutter operation that stamps them out by the thousands. They are made one by one, by hand right here in the United States.