A Logbook that Makes Sense

What really makes True North Logbooks unique is the professionally designed layout that was years in the making. The sections in a True North Logbook are laid out in a way that gives the pilot everything they need and nothing they don’t.

The sections are designed to give the pilot a more natural and relevant way to log their flight time while leaving enough blank spaces to tailor the remaining columns to their own specific needs. We did all of this while at the same time leaving more room in the Remarks section for you to make notes and comments.

True North has also utilized a small section for you to log flight time and requirements that are required by the FAA on the 8710 form for check rides. This relieves the pilot from having to go back and manually add up flight time in different categories every time you go in for a check ride. This feature makes this the perfect logbook for student pilots while also keeping these otherwise unused categories from taking up valuable columns in the main part of the flight log.

True North Logbooks are the only logbooks on the market with a dedicated section for the proper logging of simulator and FTD flight time. When we asked designated pilot examiners about the most common errors people make when logging flight time their unanimous reply was, “the inaccurate logging of simulator and FTD flight time.” With all of the different types of devices out there we made a section that takes out all the guesswork and make it simple to log your flight training device time easily and accurately.

True North is proud to introduce Special Log Pages to keep your logbook well-organized without the clutter.

  • Proper logging of Simulator and FTD time.
  • Annual Summary & Totals
  • Flight Proficiency
  • Make, Model & Variant
  • Ground Instruction
  • Flight Instructor Sign-Off
  • Endorsements
  • Memoranda
  • Certificates and Ratings
  • Employment History
  • Medical Certificate

    At True North we have created a well thought out logbook that is straight forward and user friendly so you can focus on the fun parts of aviation … the flying.