A Logbook Specifically for Helicopter Pilots

Less than 7% of pilots are helicopter pilots, which makes them a very specific and very unique type of aviator. Until now helicopter pilots would have to buy a fixed wing pilot logbook and then alter it, crossing out categories and creating a barely legible mess just to be able to log their time in a way that makes sense. Until now.

True North is proud to produce the Helicopter Pilot’s Logbook; the only professional pilot’s log specifically designed for helicopter pilots. Extensive research was done to ensure that this logbook met the specific criteria and needs of helicopter pilots so that they are able to log their flight time properly and appropriately.

NVG and Long Line columns are just some of the few additions to this Helicopter Logbook. 

With sections and columns dedicated to helicopter specific items, this logbook is a welcomed solution for every pilot dedicated to the craft of rotor wing flight.